Tired of zombie, ghoul, celebrity look alike and sexy anything? We’re here to help with our top 5 incredibly simple DIY Halloween costume ideas for a memorable night this year.

5. For your little science nerd

Trying to come up with fun costumes for the kids year after year can take a toll on parents’ patience and wallets. Rather than buying a ready-made costume of the latest popular character, try these fun options with an educational twist Creating a mad scientist is a simple affair. All you need is a crazy wig (or hair products with extra hold) an oversized white shirt (you can splurge on a lab coat if you want), black pants and, of course, lab goggles! To create the solar system costume, grab a few supplies at the local craft shop and follow these simple step by step instructions. DIY Halloween solar system costume Via  All You
Great… for teaching the kids something whilst having fun.

4. Blurred vision

Want to show naysayers that your design degree was worth it? Impress them with your very own rendition of low resolution. All you need are a few cosmetics, a black top and bits of fabric, which you can cobble together from old clothes. Spread those pixels! Pixel DIY Halloween costume Via  Make
Great… for the creative crowd.

3. Looking to mix and match?

If you want to get real close to your friends on Halloween, how about a group costume inspired by the retro game Tetris? The blocks, made with painted boxes glued together in classic Tetris shapes, work individually but also offer countless combining possibilities!

Tetris DIY Halloween costume group Via Instructables
Great… for the gamer in you.

2. Need a little therapy?

This one is called Freudian slip for obvious reasons. Pick your favourite psychoanalytic concepts, stick them on a slip and you have guaranteed conversation starters.

Fruedian slip is an awesome DIY Halloween Costume idea
Via olenka_s
Great… for all the psycho-analysers out there.

1. Life imitating art

Banksy street art has inspired millions of people around the world. Turn his work into simple and clever Halloween costumes! For her: It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Grab your favourite black dress, tights and boots and pair them with a red heart shaped balloon to recreate Banksy’s Girl with Balloon (2004).

Banksy DIY Halloween costume Banksy DIY Halloween costume
Via emilireports

For him: Put on a pair of white jeans, black high-collared jacket, baseball cap worn backwards, black runners and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to recreate Banksy’s Love is in the Air (2003). If you’re feeling more creative, see how  George Schnakenberg created his masterpiece.

Awesome Banksy costume

Banksy painting Via My Modern Met
Great… to wow urban art fans.

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