The calendar tells us summer begins on June 21, but our busy schedules suggest it starts way before that. As soon as the weather warms up, regular exercise routines usually take a cool down.

Instead, we enjoy summer trips, late nights, pool days, and weekend festivals. These ten products from Myprotein help you maintain your fitness goals while you soak up some summer fun.

Myprotein impact whey pretein

1. Impact Whey Protein

Impact Whey Protein gives the body high-quality protein for the nutrition you need to support all your training goals, any time of day. Protein keeps you fuller for longer, reducing unnecessary snacking when you’re on the go. Plus, Impact Whey Protein is only 103 calories per serving, perfect for keeping your summer body in check.

Myprotein smartshake slim shaker

2. Myprotein Smartshake™ Slim Shaker

If you take your protein on the go, you’ll want a mess-free mixer. The Smartshake Slim Shaker has a one-of-a-kind design, making it smaller than other shakers and easy to carry. It also has a detachable storage compartment that keeps powders and pills dry. This shaker is the perfect pick to pack for a beach workout or grab and go to the gym.
Myprotein beach towel

3. Myprotein Beach Towel

The Myprotein beach towel is an excellent towel for the beach, or gym made from 100% super absorbent cotton. From lounging in the sand to hitting the sauna, to wiping down that ab machine when you’re finished; it’s a winner.

Mythermo weight loss and pre workout

4. Mythermo Weight Loss & Pre-Workout

Lose the swimsuit season apprehension. Mythermo is a fat loss supplement that helps you get the most out of your weight management program while boosting your energy level. The key ingredient is Kola Nut, a natural extract that slims the body. The addition of natural caffeine and B vitamins keeps you going during a workout – and all summer long.

Myprotein protein cookie

5. Protein Cookie

You won’t need a cheat day when you add these cookies to your summer weight loss program. Protein Cookies have over 37 grams of protein, keeping you fuller for longer. This is the perfect snack for busy summer schedules and contributing to your daily protein intake.

Myprotein active women pre-workout

6. Active Women Pre-Workout

Myprotein‘s pre-workout for women is aimed to support active lifestyles while keeping the caffeine content to a minimum. Sources of natural caffeine like guarana and green tea extract reduce fatigue and enhance performance. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, this is the perfect product for women who exercise late in the day.

Myprotein womens seamless vest

7. Women’s Seamless Vest

Exercise clothes aren’t just for the gym. From bicycle rides to spin classes, the women’s seamless vest offers maximum comfort during any activity. It wicks moisture and sweat, keeping you cool on those hot days. The second skin fit is flattering and the soft-touch fabric is lightweight and breathable. For a cool workout when the day is hot; it’s top notch.

Myprotein dry tech tank top

8. Dry-Tech Tank Top

Don’t worry gents; your summer workout is covered with this dry-tech tank top. Stay cool and look good while doing it. The lightweight, moisture wicking tank top offers a classic, fitted style that’s perfect for in the gym or on the go.

BCAA powder from Myprotein

9. BCAA Powder

Classic summer foods are delicious, but they lack key nutritional ingredients needed for maintaining muscle. Don’t put down the hot dog, instead pick up a pouch of BCCA. This is the best powder to supplement your diet with the essential amino acids needed to maintain muscle whilst aiding recovery.

Myprotein flavdrops

10. Flavdrops

Add flavor to your supplements and smoothies, or craft skinny versions of your favorite summer drink without adding unwanted sugar or calories. Flavdrops come in a variety of flavors, including five stevia alternatives for a completely natural product.

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