Following the popularity of last year’s Top cheap summer destinations 2017 feature, we’ve compiled a new list of cheap, alternative holiday destinations for 2018. Enjoy!

1) Gjirokaster, Albania. ‘The City of Stone’
Gjirokaster Albania alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pudelek

Gjirokaster is known as the City of Stone due to its unique mixture of Greek and Ottoman architecture. A picturesque hillside town situated between the Gjere moutains and the river Drino with stunning landscapes, this hidden gem is a worthy candidate for an alternative destination that won’t break the bank.

Return flights from London: from £58*
Dorm bed: £13-£18
Double room in budget hotel: £20-£35
mid-range meal (1 person): £5–£8

2) Komodo islands. ‘Home of the Komodo Dragon’komodo islands alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pixabay

For an epic adventure that won’t cost an arm and a leg, head to the Komodo Islands, home of the Komodo Dragon. Just a 90 minute flight from Bali, it’s perfect for those who want to get away from the hordes of tourists. It has deserted white beaches and stunning volcanic lakes, a real vision of paradise.

Return flights from Bali: from £56*
Simple rooms: £10-£11
cheap street meals: £1.50
Mid-range meal: £10 – £20

3) Cape Kolka, Latvia. ‘Enchantingly Desolate’Cape Kolka Latvia alternative holiday destination Image credit: maxpixel

Cape Kolka, situated on the Baltic Sea near the entry to Gulf Riga, is strikingly beautiful and still untouched by crowds of tourists making it an inexpensive, yet captivating holiday destination.

It’s enchantingly desolate; a journey to Cape Kolka feels like a trip to the end of the earth.

Return flights from London: From £52*
Budget hotel room: £30
Two-course evening meal £10-£12

4) Ancona, Italy. ‘Beaches, Great Architecture and Rich History’Ancona Italy alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pixabay.

Ancona, the capital of the Marche region, is a city on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. You will find everything you need for a perfect getaway. Often brushed aside as another gritty port town, there’s much more to Ancona than meets the eye, not least its beaches, great architecture and rich history. Needless to say, the food will be spectacular.

Flights: from £60*
Dorm bed: £20-£30
Double room in a budget hotel: £50–£100
Mid-range meal: £5-£10

5) Novi Sad, Serbia. ‘All the Spoils and None of the Stress’Novi Sad Serbia alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pixabay

Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city is an attractive town with all the spoils and none of the stress of the capital. Locals enjoy the pretty parks, independent cafes and packed out bars. If you’re a fan of popular music and large crowds then visit in July when the town hosts Serbia’s largest music festival: Exit Festival.

Return flights from London: from £83*
Dorm bed: £9
Double hotel room: £40
Fast food: £1.50
Mid-range meal: £9

6) Cork City, Ireland. ‘A cool and cosmopolitan city’Cork City Ireland alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pixabay

Cork is a cool and cosmopolitan city, set on the River Lee. It has superb stretches of waterfront and grand Georgian avenues. The city has ahip vibewith artisan coffee shop on every corner, yet still manages to keep its traditional Irish charm with old Irish pubs and restaurants dishing up good ol’ local produce.

Return flights from London: from £48*
Dorm bed: £10–20
Cheap meal: £8–15

7) Essaouira, Morocco ‘The Wind City of Africa’
Essaouira Morocco alternative holiday destination Image credit: Pixabay

Forget Marrakech, venture to Essaouira! Known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’ for most of the year, the wind blows so hard here, the town is often bypassed by the hordes of beach tourists (although it still attract plenty of windsurfers).The best time to visit is between Spring and Autumn to explore the spice laden streets and local cuisine.

Flights from London: from £82*
Basic double hostel room: £4
Hotel room: £30-£50
Basic meal: £0.30-£2.50
Mid-range meal: £6 – £8

8) Saaremaa Island, Estonia. ‘Humble Getaway’Saaremaa Island Estonia alternative holiday destination Image credit: Wikimedia

Saaremaa is Estonia’s largest island, most famous for windmills and its delicious local home-brewed beer. It’s covered in forests of pines, spruces and junipers. Perfect for a peaceful and humble getaway.

Flights from London: £46*
Budget hotel room £20-£40
Two-course evening meal £10-30

*Prices found via Skyscanner 19/01/2018 for flights between March and May 2018. Flights subject to change.

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