Festival season is almost upon us and we know how important it is to look the part while not breaking the bank. Check out our top 10 list of summer festival essentials, all available through Complete Savings.

1. Camping Chair

First on the list is a practical option. You’ll be so pleased you’ve invested in this essential item – convenient for holding beverages and perfect for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the people watching.

Complete Savings summer festival essential camping chair


Argos: Camping Chair – £7.99 – Argos: Sun Lounger –  £24.99

2. Portable Power Pack

An absolute essential Imagine running out of battery right before a selfie, the thought makes us queasy. Make sure you’re never under 20% with a portable power pack. From as little as £5.98 with CurrysPCWorld.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials

CurrysPCWorld: Portable Power Bank – £5.98

Or a heavy duty option from CurrysPCWorld: Belkin Portable Power Bank – £19.97

3. Wet Wipes

These will definitely double up as both makeup wipes and as makeshift shower for when the queues are just a little too long. Would you rather be slightly dirty than miss your favourite band? Boots Essential will do the trick.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials Baby Wipes

Boots: Baby Wipes –  £0.85 bargain.

4. Sun Cream

No matter how much base tan you already have going on. You’re going to be in the sun all day long so pack factor 30 and above!

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essential Sun Cream

Boots: Ambre Solaire – £7.00

5. Wellies

Okay, I know we just said to pack sun cream but we all know how unpredictable the UK weather can be, make sure you have packed your trusty wellies just in case you’re caught off guard.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials Wellies

What’s better than these ASOS Light Up Glitter Wellies –  £15.00

6. Fancy Dress

No festival would be complete without a themed night. Make sure you get your bargain costume via Complete Savings. Fancydress.com has some fabulous outfits from the super natural to the wild wild west.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials fancy dress

Fancydress.com, Rainbow Morph Suit Costume – £39.99

7. Sunglasses

Even if rain is forecasted, it doesn’t matter. No festival outfit is complete without your sunnies on.Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials Sun Glasses

Sunglass Hut, Ray Bans – £145

8. Tent

If you forget everything else, please don’t forget your tent or you’ll have a very cold and uncomfortable weekend.

Why not get this bright green pop up tent from Argos.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essential Tent

Argos, Green Pop Up Tent – £39.99

9. Bum bag

Got your phone, wallet, lipstick, glitter? Be sure to pack a bum bag. Check our urban outfitters Adidas Original logo bum bag.

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essential Bum Bag

Urban Outfitters, Adidas Original Logo Bum Bag – £20.00

10. Glitter

Finally we couldn’t finish this list without including glitter, unleash you inner unicorn!

Complete Savings Summer Festival Essentials Glitter

Ebay has a great selection of Festival Glitters – £1.68

What is Complete Savings?

Complete Savings is a premium online savings programme ideal for those who shop online regularly.

Remember to check out Complete Savings before you shop around for festival essentials! We offer 10% cashback for a variety of different retailers including, Argos, Boots, Urban Outfitters,  Fancydress.com, Ebay and more…

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