How to buy discounted gift cards using Complete Savings

As a Complete Savings member you can receive up to 20% discount on popular high street gift cards. Whether you are buying a gift card as a present, or just treating yourself, we have a great range of gift cards to suit your needs.

Complete Savings members are able to purchase gift cards up to a value of £100 every calendar month from our top 20% discount offers, and an additional £100 worth of gift cards from the rest of our range. Follow these steps to purchase your discounted gift cards:

Discounted gift cards

Step 1

Log in to your Complete Savings account or sign up if you’re a new member.

Select which gift card you would like to purchase

Step 2

Click on the gift cards tab underneath the benefits icon.

Select the gift cards option from the home page

Step 3

Click on the shop gift cards button at the bottom of the gift cards page. Select which gift card you would like to purchase.

Select which gift card you would like to purchase

Step 4

Go to checkout and your gift card will be delivered or emailed to you depending on the type of gift card you have purchased. For further information on Complete Savings visit our FAQ’s.

Purchase your discounted gift card

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