Members of Complete Savings have access to a wide range of cashback and discounts. Members can claim an initial cashback reward, as well as ongoing benefits such as a monthly cashback reward, discounted popular giftcards and 10% cashback at over 1000 online stores.

How to use Complete Savings

Members simply need to log in at using their email address and the password they created when they registered. Once a member is logged in, they can see their cashback balance, browse the online shops with cashback offers and buy discounted giftcards. Each month members are sent a payment of their cashback balance, so long as the balance is above £5.

How to join

Currently, the only way to join the Complete Savings programme is if you see a banner advertisement, and click on it to go through to the sign-up page.

Cost of membership

Membership is free for 30 days, after which there is a monthly fee. Members can enjoy the full benefits in the first 30 days, to see if it’s right for them, and are free to cancel at any time.

Contacting Complete Savings

You can contact the team by phone on 0800 389 6960, by email at or using the form below. Please note comments are not monitored.


Complete Savings phone and email address

6 thoughts on “Membership

    1. Hi Navleen, currently we only provide membership if you see a sign-up page to Complete Savings when purchasing through one of our partners.

  1. Hi
    We can not find the register or Join button in your website.

    Could you please show a link for our registration?


    1. Hi Jess! Currently, the only way to join the Complete Savings programme is if you see a banner advertisement with one of our partners, click on it and go through to the sign-up page.

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